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Another Bnei Menashe Casualty in Lamka

Kuki-Zo village volunteers manning a post at the buffer zone. File photo.

(March 3, 2024) Binyamin Thangneo Haokip, 37, of the new B’nei Menashe settlement of Maoz Tsur was injured last Friday when an explosive device went off while he and other volunteers were patrolling the contested area between Kuki-dominated Lamka and Meitei-controlled Bishenpur. One of the injured men later died of his would, while Binyamin and the other casualties were evacuated to a local health care center, where they are now recovering and out of danger. Sources informed our newsletter that he will be undergoing a surgery to remove splinters from his legs. Binyamin and his family had previously lived through a May 3 Meitei attack on the heavily B’nei Menashe village of Sajal, as a result of which they were forced to flee their homes.

See our newsletter's report on Sajal at the beginning of the conflict in May 2023:



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