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Degel Menashe To Begin Accepting Applications For 2020-21 Scholarships

(August 5) Degel Menashe will start accepting applications for its 2020-21 academic and vocational scholarship awards as of August 15. This was announced this week by Bat-El Rently, a member of our board and director of our scholarships project.

This will be the project’s second year. 2019-20 saw six scholarship winners. This year, Rently said, she hopes there will be more applicants and more recipients.

Scholarship applications will be accepted until September 15, right up to the Jewish holidays. Any B’nei Menashe or child of at least one B’nei Menashe parent who is a citizen of Israel is eligible.

Applications should be made out in the form of a letter written in Hebrew or in English and must include or be accompanied by the following:

1. A brief autobiographical account of the applicant’s history and background.

2. A clear statement of purpose explaining:

a) what the applicant wishes to study;

b) in what framework he or she intends to do this;

c) what hoped-for degree, certificate, or skill such studies will result in;

d) the amount of time that will be required to obtain it; and

e) how the applicant thinks this will further a professional career.

3. A letter or other proof of acceptance from the school, course, or institution in question.

4. A document from this school, course, or institution stating what its tuition costs are.

5. An estimate on the applicant’s part of how much of these costs he or she will be able to

pay for and how much outside financial assistance will be required.

Applications can be emailed or mailed to Bat-El Rently at or

6-gimel Ma’oz Tsur St., Bet-El; or to Degel Menashe’s Project Director Yitzhak Thangjom at or Mivtsa Yonatan St., 5/6, Ramla. Yitzhak (054-6707-853) and Bat-El (054-4408-393) will also be happy to answer any questions about the application process.



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