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To Our Curious Readers:

Shavei Israel Coordinator Tsvi Khaute, we’re told by this week’s article on “Khaute Questioned In Rape Case,” was last week “in Manipur on Shavei business.” B’nei Menashe Council General Secretary Ohaliav Haokip, the same article states, believes he was arrested last Wednesday “to put me out of action at a crucial time.” Shavei Israel wanted, Haokip states in an accompanying article, “to keep me from meeting with the fact-finding team from Israel that was then in Manipur.”

Hmmm. It sounds as if these things might be connected.

They indeed are – and we hope to dispel the mystery next week when we can write about developments that we were asked not to disclose until they came to their conclusion. We ask our curious readers to bear with us until then.



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