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Alona Lamneikim Touthang.

(May 20, 2024) In a recently declared results for the High School Leaving Certificate conducted by the Council of Higher Secondary Education, Manipur, Alona Lamneikim Touthang daughter of Yamthong Yitzhak Touthang was declared successful with distinction, securing First Division. They are residents of Ma'oz Tsur, the newly established refuge for displaced B'nei Menashe fleeing ethnic carnage that was perpetuated by the majority Meiteis in the state of Manipur. It has been a remarkable journey of success despite all the challenges that came her way.

Degel Menashe shares this proud moment with her and her family, wishing her every success in the pursuit of higher studies and aspirations. Degel Menashe's Executive Director, Isaac Thangjom added that this is what the community should be striving for, educational excellence, and that they will be happy to assist her in any possible way to further this endeavour.

(May 15, 2024) The B'nei Menashe community at Ma'oz Tsur celebrated Israel's 76th Independence Day with a meal. The celebration was rather muted under the shadows of two wars; in Israel and in what used to be Manipur targeting their ethnic group by the majority Meitei Hindus. BMC-I office holders were invited and they happily joined in the celebration. HaTikva was sung, however, with complete enthusiasm highlighting their longing for Israel. An elder of Ma'oz Tsur, Reuven Haokip, remarked that it was happy occasion despite the gloom that surrounds us and there is always hope to sustain us. Menashe Seiboi Kipgen, designated Ma'oz Tsur administrator concurred with him saying, we live in trying times, we must do our best to make sure everyone of us is looked after, no one should starve or be found wanting. For this I will do my best, he added.

Ma'oz Tsur residents enjoying Independence Day meal.

Remembrance Day at Ma'oz Tsur.

(May 12, 2024) Yom HaZikaron or Remembrance Day for the fallen of Israel were observed solemnly by members of the B'nei Menashe community this evening in northeastern India. Candles were lit and Psalms recited in memory of 25,040 who fell in defense of Israel and another 5,100 civilians who lost their lives due to war and terror. Since the last Memorial Day, 1,600 lost their lives including 1,516 since 7th October. Plans have been made to follow it up with the Independence Day celebrations that comes in tomorrow evening with celebratory meals.

At Aizawl.
At Thingdawl.

At Petach Tikva.
At Lamka.


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