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Avi Hangshing in fatigues serving in Gaza, a few months ago.

(July 1, 2024) Last Friday a regional shooting competition, HaPoel Mate Asher, was held at Haifa district. A B'nei Menashe, Avi Hangshing, secured the first position in the shootout. Avi had been featured on our newsletter intermittently over the last few years whenever he participated in any competition, both locally and internationally and the successes he has accumulated so far. He had been actively involved in this sport since his induction into the IDF several years ago. He still serves in the reserves with an elite paratrooper unit and was recently called up for duty following the 7th October carnage last year. He recalls the harrowing early days of the Gaza incursion when he lost one of his comrades in a fierce battle at Khan Younis when a rocket fired by Hamas hit their encampment. However, that made him and others in their unit more determined to go after the enemies and finish the job they had been called up to perform. It may be recalled that several hundreds of thousands reservists IDF were called up which included several hundreds of B'nei Menashe who heeded the call along with those already in mandatory service.

Avi with championship trophy.

In a short conversation with our newsletter, Avi told us about the latest laurel he has brought home. He told us that he took up the sport since his induction into the IDF and had been in love with it ever since. "It is an honor to be receiving a recognition for an achievement but it is the love and the commitment that matters in the end. And not to mention the long hours of training and money spent on it, one has to be really dedicated." It may be recalled that Avi was one of the very first recipients of the Degel Menashe scholarship which has become a regular feature and running through its fifth iteration. Degel Menashe is proud to be associated with a success story such as this and we hope it will continue to serve as an inspiration for our youths in whatever field they chose to serve. Avi is fine example of grit and determination and an eventual success that follows it. Degel Menashe wishes him the very best for his future endeavors.



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