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B'nei Menashe in Israel, Manipur and Mizoram spent much of their week building the Sukka in preparation for the holiday that starts this Friday night. In India these were mostly traditional structures with walls of bamboo poles and roofs thatched with bee, a native wild grass. In Israel they were Israeli styles, pre-fabricated structures sided with fabric and often roofed with palm fronts, which were distributed by many municipalities. The photographs below give a few of many examples of the work that went into these holiday booths. Degel Menashe wishes you all happy holidays.

Sukkas, clockwise from top left: at Thingdawl (Mizoram), Pejang, Lamka and Suongpi, now called Maoz Tsur.

Families pose proudly in front of their Sukkas.

A B'nei Menashe Sukka at Kiryat Arba, Israel.

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