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B'nei Menashe Celebrate Israel's 76th Independence Day at Ma'oz Tsur

(May 15, 2024) The B'nei Menashe community at Ma'oz Tsur celebrated Israel's 76th Independence Day with a meal. The celebration was rather muted under the shadows of two wars; in Israel and in what used to be Manipur targeting their ethnic group by the majority Meitei Hindus. BMC-I office holders were invited and they happily joined in the celebration. HaTikva was sung, however, with complete enthusiasm highlighting their longing for Israel. An elder of Ma'oz Tsur, Reuven Haokip, remarked that it was happy occasion despite the gloom that surrounds us and there is always hope to sustain us. Menashe Seiboi Kipgen, designated Ma'oz Tsur administrator concurred with him saying, we live in trying times, we must do our best to make sure everyone of us is looked after, no one should starve or be found wanting. For this I will do my best, he added.

Ma'oz Tsur residents enjoying Independence Day meal.



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