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BMC-India Chairman Invited for Independence Day Celebration at Israel Embassy, New Delhi

(May 10, 2024) The BMC-I Chairman, Lalam Hangshing, has been invited by the Israeli Embassy at new Delhi for the commemoration of Israel's 76th Independence day. Hangshing had been a frequent guest at the embassy and is an avid proponent of Indo-Israel ties and believes this relation will contribute mutually to the interests of

Ambassador Epraim Dowek (centre) flanked by Aviel Hangshing (immediate left) and Joshua Thangjom (extreme left). File photo.

both the countries besides benefitting the Indian Jewry, especially the B'nei Menashe. He had been visiting Israel on several occasions in the last few years, despite travel restrictions culminating out of covid19. The General Secretary BMC-I added that it was a big honor for him but a bigger one for the B'nei Menashe community as a whole.

It may be noted that his father, (L) Aviel T. Hangshing and (L) Joshua (L.S) Thangjom had initiated relations with the first Israeli mission in the early 90s led by ambassador Ephraim Dowek. They were serving in the elite Indian Administrative Service. Thangjom had even hosted the ambassador, his wife and team in Imphal, Manipur. Both gentlemen has since been deceased and are buried in Israel as per their wishes and lifelong dream. Lalam Hangshing's invitation marks the first time since that time any B'nei Menashe had been at any level of proximity with the Israeli Embassy. Despite the war that the B'nei Menashe faces on two fronts, in Israel and in Manipur, there is an air of hope and optimism in the horizon that culminates from this development.

Meanwhile on the other side, the 27-odd B'nei Menashe communities in Mizoram and the erstwhile Manipur are also gearing up to observe Rememberance Day and the Independence Day as they had always done. The Information Secretary in a communique addressed to all communities requested them to observe these days solemnly as had been done in the past. A source reliably informed our newsletter that candle lightings and reading of Psalm for the fallen Israeli soldiers on the 12th May eve and to be followed by a celebration on 14th May Independence Day. Reuven Haokip, the leader designate of Maoz Tsur residents, says he plans to hold celebratory meal to commemorate the occasion. He continues that the past year had been a year of many 'firsts', the first Succot, Hannukah, Purim, Pesach and now, the first Yom HaZikaron and Independence Day. Maoz Tsur has made tremendous progress since we began over six months ago. Where we were six months ago and where are we now? We will invite all the BMC-I executives and some guests to sit down with us for a meal.

The announcement in the local vernacular, Kuki, is on the right. Its translation runs as this:

Commemoration of Yom HaZikaron & Yom Ha'Atzmaut

An important information to all B'nei Menashe brothers and sisters that this coming Monday (13th May) is Yom HaZikaron for the soldiers of Israel who sacrificed their lives for Israel. We request all to join us in observing this important day.

Candles may be lit beginning on Sunday night, in our capacity, for the upliftment of the souls of the departed along with reading of the Psalm.

Tuesday (14th May), Yom Ha'Aztzmaut (Independence Day) may be observed in a befitting manner.

Thank you!

Information & Publicity

B'nei Menashe Council, India



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