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From the left, Yitzhak Thangjom, Director Chen Dor, Jessica Thangjom, Rivka Lunkhel and Shmuel Boitlung.

(May 25, 2024) Degel Menashe was invited by the Ministry of Aliya & Absorption yesterday for a discussion on matters pertaining to the B'nei Menashe at their office in Jerusalem. In attendance was the Community Wing Director, Chen Dor. As per the discussion, it was determined that aliya was only the beginning, with the process of KLITA or absorption taking a much more an important role which warrants a serious look. It can be more successful than it currently is. Several points were raised, discussed in the almost two-hour meeting and possible solutions suggested. The team was told that special programs can be initiated as need arises. An emphasis on education for the youths as well as suitable training for olim and their eventual integration into the Israeli job markets are important factors to be pursued. It was agreed that it was important for the B'nei Menashe to fulfill their spiritual aspirations as well as being gainfully employed and contribute to the society at large. The meeting was led by executive director/project manager, Yitzhak Thangjom with board member, Shmuel Boitlung, Advisor, Rivka Lunkhel, community rabbi Yonatan Gangte as well as Jessica Thangjom, volunteer.

Jeremy Smith and Colin Ross, second and third from the left with Halkin, Yitzhak and Jessica.

In another similar development, Degel Menashe chairman, Hillel Halkin met with Operation Exodus's executives, Colin Ross and Jeremy Smith on Sunday evening to discuss impending B'nei Menashe aliya in the near future and the role that they can play in it. It may be noted that Operation Exodus has been assisting the community in this important endeavor in the last couple of decades. Talk were positive and given assurances that it would continue to do so in capacity and resources available. Our readers will remember that Pastor Abe Oooman of Indian chapter of Operation Exodus has been instrumental in delivering relief material to the B'nei Menashe though the covid crisis and now, with the civil strife that has engulfed the region. Halkin was accompanied by, executive director, Yitzhak Thangjom and his wife, Jessica.



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