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Degel Menashe To Sponsor Leadership Course for Young B’nei Menashe in Israel

(February 25) Degel Menashe will sponsor a course to help train a generation of B’nei Menashe leaders in Israel, it was announced this week. The course will be conducted by Degel Menashe board member Dr. Reuven Gal, a co-founder of the Institute for Quality Leadership and a prominent figure in the area of leadership training in Israel and the world.

“The course will be specifically geared to the B’nei Menashe community of Israel and its needs,” Dr. Gal told our Newsletter. “It is a community that at present lacks a strong, independent leadership. Our hope is to develop such a cohort from young B’nei Menashe with leadership potential.”

Dr. Gal helped establish the Institute for Quality Leadership in 1991 His diverse experience also includes having held the posts of chief psychologist of Israel’s navy, Deputy Director of Israel’s National Security Council, and Director of Israel’s National Service. He is currently a Senior Research Associate at the Haifa Technion’s Samuel Neaman Institute for National Policy.

The Institute for Quality Leadership has worked in the past with many organizations and business firms in Israel, such a Teva, Tnuva, and Bank Discount, in training organizational and corporate executives. “This is the first time that I’ll be dealing with so young a group,” Dr. Gal told our Newsletter. “In the past, I’ve helped train men and women who had already, in their jobs, shown proven leadership abilities. This time, I’ll be starting from scratch with young people who have high motivation but have not been leaders until now. My goal will be to train, coach, and encourage those with leadership gifts to develop them for the use of their community.”

The leadership course will begin with three half-day sessions in the month of May, the exact dates of which have yet be determined. All interested in applying should contact Degel Menashe board member Bat-El Rently by phone (0544-408-393) or email ( Although the costs of the course will be borne by Degel Menashe, a token participation fee will be required of those taking part in it.



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