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Fact-Finding Mission To Be Sent To Manipur and Mizoram

Updated: May 1, 2022

(April 28) Israel’s Ministry of Immigration and Absorption confirmed this week that a fact-finding mission will travel to northeast India in the coming months to review B’nei Menashe Aliyah procedures and make recommendations for changing them.

In an April 25 letter to Yitzhak Thangjom, Degel Menashe’s managing director, senior Ministry of Immigration advisor Almog Moscowitz wrote:

“In pursuance of our conversations, I wish to inform you that, in the coming months, a joint Ministry of Immigration and Absorption/ Jewish Agency mission will come to India. (I hope there will be no need to postpone it again.)"

The expressed hope that such a mission will not need to be “postponed again” refers to its having originally been scheduled for the week before Passover, only to be canceled due to the Ministry of Immigration’s preoccupation with refugees from the war in Ukraine. Although Degel Menashe was included in the planning for this trip, it was asked to keep the matter confidential until the mission’s members departed for India, since their ability to do so was in doubt up to the last moment.



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