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Rabbis Visit Mizoram

Rabbi Arie Greenspan with a displaced child at Thingdawl, Mizoram.

(February 7, 2024) One small gift can make a difference in more than one life. Such a gift has been made by Arie Greenspan, an American-born rabbi living in Israel. Rabbi Greenspan, along with Rabbi Eliyahu Birnbaum, recently visited the northern Mizoram DP camp of Thingdawl, where many homeless B’nei Menashe from Manipur are now staying. The two men were on a  mission for an Israeli rabbinical court that is seeking to facilitate the divorce of a separated B’nei Menashe couple.


While in Thingdawl, Rabbi Greenspan heard of the plight of Binyamin Haokip, an inhabitant of the new  B’nei Menashe agricultural community of Ma’oz Tsur in Manipur. Haokip, whose knowledge of Judaism equipped him to teach Ma’oz Tsur’s children, had stopped doing so because, being hard of hearing and unable to afford a hearing aid, he had difficulty communicating with his pupils. At once Rabbi Greenspan had such an aid purchased and delivered to Ma’oz Tsur, where Haokip, with its help, is now back to teaching and is leading a happier life. His thanks go to Rabbi Greenspan – as do those of Ma’oz Tsur’s children.

Binyamin Haokip with his new hearing aid.
Rabbi Greenspan and Rabbi Birnbaum with the community at Shlom Tzion Synagogue, Aizawl, Mizoram.



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