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We’re Renovating!

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

It’s been nearly a year since we started posting this Website and its Newsletter. Recently, our readers may have noticed that we’re in the process of redesigning this page. There are now three columns of articles instead of two, and to the right of the right-hand column is a list of months. By clicking on any of these months, it is possible to retrieve the major articles that appeared in it and that have been deleted from this page to make space.

We have done this because many readers have asked us where they can find old articles that continue to be of interest. Our aim in the days ahead is to create an archives in which such items are listed according to subject matter and date of appearance, so that they can be easily found. Since our staff is small, this will take a while and we ask you to bear with us until the process is completed.

In addition, we are modifying our schedule. Until now we have posted each week’s new articles together, on Thursday nights. From now on, they will be also be appearing during the week. This will enable us to bring you news of B’nei Menashe and Degel Menashe events and developments with less delay.

Some places close for renovations. We’re staying open.



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